Soil & Water Test Kits

Water test kit with instruction sheets

Soil Test Kits

The soil testing kits at our office are from Spectrum Analytic, Inc., based in Washington Court House, Ohio. They offer a range of soil testing packages based on what you would like analyzed and what land use you are planning. We have soil sample bags and instruction sheets available at our office. If you are looking to do a large quantity, please call ahead to make sure that we have enough on hand. Further details on their services and prices can be found at

Water Test Kits

Our water testing kits are provided in a partnership with Montgomery County Environmental Services. The bottles we have in the office are for the testing of private well water for Total Coliform/E. coli. The presence of these bacterial contaminants in your water indicate that your well is being contaminated by sewage (either human, or from other mammals), and that you need to take precautions! This is a common test requested prior to buying a home, and also can provide peace of mind, even if you’ve not moved in decades! Once the bottle and instruction sheet are picked up at our office, you take the bottle home and sample according to the instructions. Then, take the bottle to Montgomery County Environmental Services at 1850 Spaulding Road in Kettering, where you pay with cash, check, or money order. They will send a report with your results to you in about a week. Montgomery County Environmental Services offers testing for many other parameters, so if you have concerns about your water beyond Total Coliform/E. coli, you can get further information on their Water Testing Services page, or by giving their office a call at (937) 781-3024.