Trees for sale


The Montgomery Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) has several items for sale as well as a few sales events through the year. The plant sales are a service we provide to offer low cost plants for the conservation of our soil and water, source of food and cover for wildlife. Rain Barrels are offered as an affordalbe way to protect our streams and waterways from excess storm water. Plat Books are offered to provide valuable information on landowners and property boundaries within the county.

Many people call our office asking about testing kits for their soil and water. In order to make these tests more easily accessible, we offer testing kits and materials free of charge at our office.

Trees for sale

Trees & Plants

Our Annual Spring Tree & Plant Sale provides an affordable way for landowners to add valuable trees and plants to their property. We also have a donation based Native Perennial Flower Sale in the summer with the transplanted seedlings from our Native Landscaping around the office.

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels

In addition to hosting periodic Rain Barrel Workshops, the Montgomery SWCD offers Rain Barrel Kits and Barrles for sale.

Open pages of the Plat Book

Plat Books

The 2016 Montgomery County Plat Book has details on property boundaries for all rural parcels within the township, the name of the owner and the number of acres owned. Also, there is a handy landowner index for easy cross referencing. A wall map is also available.

Test kits with instruction sheets

Test Kits

We have partnered with two different labs in our area to be able to offer kits for soil fertility tests as well as water quality testing at our office free of charge. After the samples are collected per the kit directions, they are analyzed and paid for at the testing lab.