Soil and Water Testing Laboratories

    In general, you should have a basic idea of what substances you want your soil or water samples to be tested for, or at least why you want the sample tested.  For example, "Why don't the shrubs grow well in this location?"

    Most private testing labs can perform a wide range of tests.  Typical soil tests for the homeowner might include items such as nutrients, pH (acidity or alkalinity), and trace minerals, along with recommendations for what nutrients might need to be added.  Keep in mind that a soil's physical structure, and how well it holds or releases water also affects plant growth.  Some labs can also perform tests on soil for other toxic substances or pollutants, as identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), such as heavy metals or organic compounds like PCBs.  For other general questions on horticulture, contact the Montgomery County Office of the Ohio State University Extension, at 224-9654.

    The most common substance tested for in water is bacterial contamination, which can be a serious health concern.  Other substances tested for in water might include pH, nutrients, pesticides, minerals, or heavy metals.  Your water can also be tested for "hardness" (mineral content) to see if you should have a water softener, to prevent mineral deposits on dishes, sinks, etc. 

    Listed below are the names and contact information for several testing laboratories.  Unless otherwise noted, you may assume that they perform the most commonly requested tests on water and soil samples.  For more specific information, price lists, and shipping instructions, call the telephone numbers listed or visit the web sites.

A&L Great Lakes Lab                                  

Alloway Testing                                            

Belmont Labs                                                  

Brookside Labs

Calmar Lab
    - no water testing
    - excellent pages just for home
      and garden enthusiasts.

Holmes Lab
(260) 483-4759

(800) 436-1243

(937) 832-8242

(419) 753-2448

(614) 523-1005


(800) 344-1101


(517) 432-8185




(937) 781-3016



(800) 321-1562

Michigan State University
     -web site only a simple list of
      prices for specific tests. Call
      for more details.

Montgomery County Environmental Lab
     -testing bottles and instructions for
      this lab can be picked up at the
      Montgomery SWCD office. Call

      (937) 854-7645 for more details.

Spectrum Analytical
- no water testing


Montgomery Soil and Water Conservation District

Helping People and Communities Care for Land and Water



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