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Sycamore Conservation Education Demonstration Farm

3225 N. Lutheran Church Road, Trotwood, Ohio

Sycamore Farm is located on Sycamore State Park land in Montgomery County. The farm has 360 acres which includes woodland, a large wildlife acreage and 150 acres of crop land. The cropped area was originally a 158 acre farm established in the 1790ís that became part of the Newfields Development when sold by the last private owner in 1973. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was able to purchase the land in 1979. It is managed and operated by the Montgomery Soil and Water Conservation District in cooperation with ODNR, Division of Parks and recreation since 1982 under a long term lease. After the District started to manage the farm the barn at Sycamore farm was resided and windows were replaced in 1988.

  Modern Farming methods are practiced and the latest conservation practices are applied on the land. The farm provides an outdoor classroom for urban, suburban and rural students and adults.

The first major effort at Sycamore was to promote the use of no-till farming.  Tree plantings were done in the late 1980ís on several sections of the farm.  A wetland was then built soon after.  Since then many conservation improvements have been done including waterways, diversions, WASCOBs, and aluminum toe-wall outlets. A concrete block chute was installed at Sycamore Farm in 1987. The eroded area at the outlet of a newly constructed waterway was excavated to a predetermined grade, slope and width.  Concrete blocks were then laid into place to form a chute with sides and upper entrance and lower exit sections providing a stable, erosion resistant outlet for the waterway. The concrete block chute has a wide range of uses and can be adapted to control soil erosion in any county. It can provide a less costly form of outlet for a waterway since a farmer with the help of family, friends, or a few neighbors can lay the blocks himself instead of hiring a contractor to do the whole job.

You are invited to stop by Sycamore Farm at the corner of Wolf Creek Pike and Lutheran Church Road to talk a look at the conservation improvements in place. Sycamore is an excellent site to visit to see different conservation methods at work. Anyone that has an interest in seeing a wetlands up close or walking along a WASCOB or waterway must visit this farm. You will leave this farm with a better understanding of conservation farming. Better yet, contact you local soil and water conservation district if you have and questions about this or any other conservation practice. All programs and services provided by the Montgomery Soil & Water Conservation District are available to everyone without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, handicap or marital status.