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Drainage Project Protocols

Protocol for Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1515 Group Drainage Project

I. Phase I - Evaluation
    A. Request for assistance
    B. The Petition for Assistance

II. Phase II - Approval
    A. The View Notification
    B. The Field View
    C. The Public Hearing Notification
    D. The Public hearing
    E. The Field Survey
    F. The Engineering Design
    G. The Project Certification and Approval

III. Phase III - Construction
    A. The Project Easements
    B. The Construction Bid and Award
    C. The Project Construction

IV. Phase IV - Post Construction
A. The Project Assessments
    B. The Project Maintenance


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Protocol for Volunteer Group Drainage Project


A. Phase I - Evaluation
1. GROUP Request for water management improvement
    2. MSWCD Investigation and evaluation of group request
    3. MSWCD Board acceptance of group request
    4. GROUP Advisory meeting #1
    5. GROUP Drainage project agreement

B. Phase II - Approval
1. MSWCD Investigation of Soils
    2. MSWCD Survey of watershed
    3. MSWCD Proposed design of improvement
    4. GROUP Advisory meeting #2
    5. GROUP Maintenance Petition Election
    6. MSWCD Design approval request
    7. NRCS Approval of design

C. Phase III - Construction
    1. GROUP Solicitation and evaluation of construction bids
    2. GROUP Establishment of escrow account
    3. GROUP Award of construction contract
    4. MSWCD Inspection of construction
    5. MSWCD Construction certification request
    6. NRCS Certification of construction
    7. GROUP Payment of contractor

D. Phase IV - Post Construction
    1. GROUP petition for maintenance (optional)
    2. MSWCD Project maintenance







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